Gavin Tokely 加文

Managing Director at Central London Capital

London, United Kingdom

Their productivity and quality of work are also a lot higher compared to in-house devlopers!

"Previously, my old in-house IT team costed me around $200,000 a year in salaries. During hard time, our business went into trouble and we must cut off the entire IT department to focus force on marketing; that’s when we decided to look for other alternatives, and then tried outsourcing certain phases of our products to PHAMTECH team. That turned out to be one of the best decisions in my career. We could save more than $50,000 in the first 6 months corperating with them compared to hiring inhouse developers. Not only PHAMTECH’s hour rate per offshore engineer is much lower, their productivity and quality of work are also a lot higher due to the fact that they have specialized people in every field, from user experience (UI) design to quality check of codes, to overall project’s management!

We also received many useful advises along the way from Henry. The communication is fabulous! We feel really blessed that we knew and had a chance to work with the company, as we long consider Henry as our own CTO already.

We highly recommend PHAMTECH as “the one team” every small and medium business should consult for IT services, and we intend to continue a good partnership with them for years to come.”

John Lombela

CEO at Innovecs ICT Consulting

Johannesburg Area

The UI was extremely friendly and intuitive, the functionalities just worked seamlessly!

“PHAMTECH Design team analyzed and built the entire user interface for our Intranet and Report system which was appreciated by everyone in my company as extremely friendly, intuitive and easy to learn. We don’t have to train our staffs and partners how to use the software. I mean, everything was just there… exactly where they should be: every page, every graph to every liner and button… They just work. No problem ever since!

I’d say that Henry and Peter and some other team’s learders (of PHAMTECH) are big picture guys… they can grasp complex concepts quickly and give constructive feedbacks… while the rest of the team seems to be realy meticulous and obsessed about quality. They organized and perfected our Labor and Timesheet systems which had always been a mess before due to the large scope of the program. We are hiring them to continue working on several of our major projects.

I’m confident to say that PHAMTECH can add value to your business, shortening training curve and making the whole operation more efficient with their expertises.”

Peter Schacka

SEO Specialist at Exportgruppen Hèlia

Aalborg, Denmark

The communication was prompt and efficient. Turnaround was always faster than our estimation and allowance.

“To be honest we had had several bad experiences with both individual freelancers and outsourcing firms before (we cooperated with PHAMTECH). We’d thought that we’d rather give up and recruit our own developers… until we were introduced to and worked with PHAMTECH. Henry and the team have totally convinced us to believe in this partnership, and been keeping up their great works everyday. The communication was extremely prompt and efficient as there’s always someone available to touch base with almost 20 hours/ day. The deliveribles followed exactly our descriptions and requirements… and sometimes were surprisingly smart. The turnaround was usually much faster than our initial estimation and allowance!

PHAMTECH made an important contribution to the success of our fiscal year of 2013, which was a record breaker in terms of reducing the operation and management cost of our over 120 retailers all over France, and brought in more than $400,000 worth of sales via their suggested improved online channel.

PHAMTECH will always be an important partner in overseeing Helia’s growth, as we strive to hit new heights in the near future. I’m proud to say that PHAMTECH is a valued member of Team Helia!”

Chris Iddon

Senior Consultant at 4impact

Brisbane, Australia

Backed with Henry’s advises and PHAMTECH’s expertises, I beat my closest competitor by 6 times!

“Before meeting Henry, I was hiring and working with other lower priced Indian outsourcing companies. Needless to say, it yielded almost no results. I wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars the previous years. After engaging Henry and PHAMTECH, his team helped me rebuild [from scratch] and finish our current product in just 6 months with a very limited budget of $38,000 (compared to over a hundred of dollars thrown away in previous years)! With his help, I secured my spot as a top project’s manager, beating my closest competitor by almost 6X!

Many thanks to PHAMTECH, and Henry specifically, for helping me unlock the true power of offshore cooperating!”

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... we can develop almost anything you find on the web today as long as you can provide a great idea and provide clear requirements

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7 Reasons to engage our team

1. Our Philosophy.

Contrary to the growing popular practice, from the very first days, we have always been a believer of the "analyze and build from scratch" approach to any professional web application system, compared to the "cut and paste" strategy that most of other companies prefer just to save initial cost but produce unusable products in the end. We invite you to share our same core value, and commit to building not only helpful but also strong and sustainable products - whether for your own use, your inner circle and society, or for the world at large.

2. Support Local Entrepreneurs. was founded by a Vietnamese American who, after graduating Tufts University (Medford, MA) as a computer scientist, decided to start his own IT career in Vietnam to offer inexpensive labor with high quality back to the US, supporting other entrepreneurs to afford pursuing their dreams. We now need your support and cooperation to make a greater local and state-wide impact.

3. Specializations.

We have specialized people in almost all related aspects of design and development of a website or web application. Designers should solely focus on designing the user interface (UI/UX). Frontend coders build the skin, while database experts analyze and develop the backend. Senior managers who have many years of experience play their role in leading the team to reach for final common target in the most time and cost efficient way. You cannot achieve all that alone or by hiring one or even several freelancers working for you.

4. Prompt Communication.

We understand communication between client and the outsourcing team plays a vital role in the final success of any project and relationship. Therefore we offer prompt phone, e-mail and Skype supports almost 24/7. We also provide weekly report and summary to help client keep track of our progress and cut off unnecessary work or spending.

5. High Quality & Low Price.

As an IT outsourcing firm, price over quality ratio must always be our main advantage over locals. We keep price low and competitive to all of our clients while maintain the best quality build possible. We also provide long term support on products built by our team with many affordable pricing options.

6. Experience to success.

Through a handful of years working with many startups and small to medium established companies, we know more or less the ingredients to success; and we are more than willing to share those hands-on experiences with you to build up your own success.

7. Our Friendliness.

And finally, we are friendly. You would not get that kind of intimacy working with larger firm. Our team consists of only 15 members working together in a small friendly office. As a client, you can always talk to one or all of us who would be participating in different phases of your project. In real work you would find this one of the most important factors to your success!

About us

About us


( was founded in 2012 by Hung Pham, a computer scientist from Tufts University, Boston. We are now a team of more than 10 members who specialize in website and web app design and development.

Although being considered as young and small in the field, we‘ve genuinely established our strong competitive advantage by practicing our own philosophy and belief that in order to gain long term success, every project must be thoroughly "planned and developed from scratch" instead of "built fast on top of some prebuilt code" like the growing popular practice of other IT firms.

By practicing that simple philosophy and belief, we have been proving and gaining steady but considerably large successes with many clients since our very first days. Please refer to our website to learn more about our works.

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